Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Little Behind This Week...

I worked a 12-hour shift on Tuesday so I wasn't able to post like I wanted to.  So I got a little caught up and now I'm working on this while I watch Grey's Anatomy and my son sleeps in his 'tent' made out of the dining room chairs and blankets...Daddy is sleeping in there as well!!!!

So the pages I am showing this week start on February 9th and go to the 18th. 

I really am liking the design G pages.  I added some tags from Elle's Studio them!

I'm not feeling obligated to have a picture for every 4x6 slot.  I'm also using paper from my own stock and not always the coordinating paper that goes with the kit I am using.  We're getting into Valentine's Day so there's lots of hearts and red & pink going on!    I've seen on some blogs how people are including pictures of their smartphone with the weather on them...I thought that was a great idea and took a picture of mine.  We had some cold weather last week.  I'm also documenting the start of my blog!

Getting treats ready for my son's Valentine's party at school.  I made Oreo lollipops...another idea from easy and so cute!  He did a great job writing out the cards to attach to each one.  More candy for the cupboard!  I actually just threw out the Halloween candy a week or two son doesn't eat too much of it.  There are certain things he likes but most of it goes to waste...which is just fine!  I put the cards in a 6x12 page protector...great size for stuff like that.  Ben made us a cute Valentine card at school and I saved the cards he and my husband gave me as well as the one I gave my husband.

I try to be sure to include pictures of all of us since this is our family album.  Sometimes I have to remind myself of that because I include so many pictures of our son...nothing wrong with that...he's our only child.  I have a Project Life album for his as well and I hope to start sharing that soon!  I try to remember to get the 'everyday' kind of shots so when I look back in ten or fifteen years I can see what our life was like then.  The Free To: Be Yourself journaling card is from a free printable I found on Pinterest...I've found so many links to free printables there!  You can find it at

Everyday pictures like the groceries at the checkout, and what my husband likes to watch on TV or cold brewing coffee for iced coffee...check out The Pioneer Woman's website for the recipe and how to do this at home.  More tags from Elle's Studio and a 4x6 on this page and I also included the reciepts from the two stores we get groceries at so I can look back to see how much groceries cost us in years to come.

And the other reasons I've been a bit busy this educational meeting at work, haircut, and quiz taking for my online class...research...not really liking this class :( 

Oh...and the most exciting reason why I didn't get to posting earlier this week...

I purchased a Canon DSLR camera!!!!  I am so very excited!  I am loving it so far!  Just starting to play around with it.  I have a lot to learn about it though.  Should be fun!!!!

I'm still gonna link up over at The Mom Creative, I love all the inspiration over there!  I guess this week it's Project Life Thursday for me!


  1. Love your pages and congrats on the camera! Thanks for linking up on my blog, too! Hugs!

  2. Thanks Kristina! My pics on the blog this week were not taken with my new camera...after looking at it once I posted they don't look as nice as I want them to. My next pics will be taken with my new camera!!!! Can't wait to post again!