Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to the Blog!

It's time to get back to sharing some Project Life pages!  I meant to share at least a few times this summer but it just never happened...and now here we are, the first day of school!  Today has been a productive day so far!  I don't have to work until the weekend so I am hoping to get lots done this week!!!!  Here it goes...

I am about a month behind but that's ok...I will get caught up!  This year my PL album is split again into two...the first album being January through July.  I think there might be a few too many pages in there but I'm going to make it work! 

I am so excited for the new PL products to become available!  Can not wait to get my hands on the mini kit...my favorite is the Bridgeport Edition.  I have a son so I think this will be perfect for him!  I am planning to use the Olive Edition for our family book and the Seafoam Edition in addition to the childhood kit for my son's book.  And I think I will be putting some PL binders on my Christmas list this year!

So here are a few layouts I was working on this summer.  I like using tags here and there from Elle's Studio and I'm also addicted to 6x6 paper pads from various designers to add a little something different to my pages.  I also ventured to something new...some digital scrapbooking!  I'll point that out along the way.

 Design C comes in handy when I have a lot of a similar subject. I've also tried to come up with other ways to fill in spaces.

 In these next few pages are pictures from a brewery trip we took this summer.  I'm always looking for special little items to keep as mementos of trips we've taken.  We kept the wrist bands that allowed us to sample some of the beer at the brewery.  I also got a pamphlet and a postcard to add.  And receipts from where we ate. 

The next few layouts are from a camping trip we took this summer.  I had some fun making those pages!

I had some fun using the Pic Monkey website to add the text 'Fun with Sparkler.'  I suppose you can also add text with Photoshop Elements...which I purchased this summer but I haven't done much with it yet...trying to learn it yet!  I'm taking advantage of Cathy Zielske's website as she has tutorials on there to help me learn PSE!  The page on the right is the beginning of a 'week in review' I did.  This is where I have a 4x6 Week in Review card that I purchased from Designer Digitals.  It's a Cathy Zielske product.

 I love the Design J pages.  I'm using my phone more and more to take pictures...I love Instagram photos!!!!  And here's that Week in Review card I was talking about.

 I also purchased some Ali Edwards products from Two Peas.  I love the 3x4 journaling cards.

And here's my little man!  First day of 1st grade!!!!!  It was a very warm day today...a bit cool this morning though.  I'm wanting to get rid of my flower baskets but they still look good.  I got this gorgeous mum and wooden pumpkin over the weekend.  I love autumn...our favorite season around here!!!!  The leaves are falling way too fast though.

Can't wait to check out all of the Project Life inspiration tonight!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Project Life Tuesday...or Wednesday?!?!?

I haven't posted in a while so my goal is to get this done quick!  I don't often have Tuesdays off so that's why I have been absent from my blog for a while now.  Oh, and I finished my research class...yeah!!!  Looking forward to getting lots of scrapbooking done this summer as well as soccer with my kiddo and maybe some camping!!!!

I have an extra insert in this layout.  I believe it's the design B, and I love how I've seen some people cut them.  What a great idea!!!!  I have a package or two of this design thinking I would use it but I just haven't as much as I thought.  But now that I have realized they can be cut I'm sure I will use them up!  I guess I also got in the habit of taking mostly horizontal pictures.

I just added a few stickers in this layout...turned out nice.  Sometimes I put the stickers right on the picture and sometimes I put them on the page protector.

This was the Friday before Mother's Day and my son made this for me at school.  So adorable!!!

This is one of my favorite pages...not only because I really like to take an 8x10 and cut it down to fit in a design A page but also because I got a new lens for my camera and I had a great time experimenting taking pictures of my favorite person! 

And a few more pictures with my new lens...the ones of my flower baskets.  And some memorable moments from Mother's Day.

I also mentioned in my last post that I was going with friends to scrapbook for a few days in April and was hoping to complete the album...well, I did!!!  I was hoping to share a few of those pages but they are taking forever to upload right now so maybe next time.

Ok...I think I am going to manage to make this a PL Tuesday!!!!  Nothing too exciting but I like how my pages turned out.  Can't wait to check out some other pages this week!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm Still Here!!!

So it has been a while since I have posted...last time was Leap Day...when we had a big snow storm come through!!!  This is where I am going to pick up from with my PL pages.  I often work on Tuesdays...12 hour shifts so I hadn't been doing a whole lot of scrapbooking.  I also have been busy with my research class...4 more weeks and that class will be completed...yeah!!!!! 
I am so EXCITED to be getting ready for a scrapbooking retreat later this week!!!!  Four days of scrapbooking coming my way at White's Wildwood Retreat.  This place is fabulous!!!  I hope to work a little bit on my PL albums but my goal is to complete one of my son's albums from a few years ago.  It was the album I was working on when I discovered this wonderful way of scrapbooking by Becky Higgins.  So I have a few months worth of traditional scrapbooking to complete.  I hope to share some of those pages with you as well.  I do like to incorporate some traditional pages into my PL once in a while.

Here it goes...these pages go from February 29-March 17, 2012.

This is a Design g page...Leap Day.  We we woke up to LOTS of snow.  No school for the kiddos!!!  Hubby was up early to clean the driveways.  I had some neat snowflake paper to use as the background on some of the inserts.

This is the back side of the Design G page...I really like that design.  My snowflake paper worked well with my 4x6 journaling card from Elle's Studio.

I like how this page turned out!  I saw on a blog (forgot which one) how a larger picture was cut  to fit in a few slots so I thought I would give it a try. 

I love the 4x6 pic of my son on the right page showing me his cute smiles!!!  I took two pics and made a collage in Picasa to turn it into one 4x6.  I thought I would give Picasa a try since it is something I could download for free.  I have been thinking about purchasing Photoshop Elements as well.  Can anybody give me some advice about PSE???  Is it worth purchasing or will Picasa do just as much for me???

So the snow didn't get to stick around for long!  Spring was wanting to arrive early this year!  This is our family PL album and I also do one for our son...sometimes I feel like this family album gets to be so much of our son...but then again he is our only child and I do more of the 'every day life' kind of pics in the family album.  In this layout I love the picture on the left page, bottom left corner, where I made sure to include the clock and the window to show how light it still was at 7pm on that particular day.  Love Daylight Savings time!!!!  And my hubby thought it was weird that I was taking a picture of myself cutting his hair!!!!  Every day life!

These next few pages are about our trip to Mall of America.  Our son's birthday is coming up so we thought we would take him to MOA to check out the Sea Life Aquarium and maybe some rides...and of course Archivers for me!!!!!  I included some receipts, brochure, wrist bands and so on from this trip.  I purchased some washi tape at Archivers...yeah!  I'm getting on the washi tape bandwagon...I hope to find more to add to my collection!!!!

So there it is!  A few weeks worth of PL pages.  I'm going to link up at The Mom Creative and One Happy Mama.  Can't wait to see what everyone else has been doing with their PL pages!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

No Project Life update...

I have been busy with work and my research class so I haven't had a lot of time to spend on scrapbooking.  We have some important stuff coming up in our home soon...a little boy's birthday is coming very soon!!!  I will have a lot to document and share in the next few weeks!  I am hoping to have some great pages to share in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

And the snow totals are in...

what...14 inches!!!!!!!  Really?!?!?!  Would have been nice a month or two ago but now!  Hubby picked me up at work tonight and the roads are still terrible.

I am ready for warm Spring weather!

Winter has arrived!

Well, I guess we aren't getting out of having plenty of snow this winter!  Not quite sure how much snow we actually got...I think they were saying 8" or more.  Hubby was having a hard time cleaning out the driveway this morning.  School was called off...but Momma still has to go to work!!!

Hope there's a Leap Day baby today!!!!

Here's a look outside our front door!

For those that where in the 'snow storm'...enjoy!!!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Using my *NEW* camera!!!

My Project Life pages are from last week and are actually only cover ing 4 days.  I worked last weekend so that would be one reason why there were not as many pictures.  Depending on what my husband and son are doing when I am away at work I will send the smaller Kodak camera with them.  I think my husband is a bit intimidated by my new camera!

I'm documenting the arrival of my new camera!!!  I'm loving it!!!  Since I am the one to take about 96% of the pictures for our Project Life album I thought I would take a few self portraits!  I'm sure my husband would have laughed at me if I asked him to take a few pictures of myself!  This is the day I got my new camera...I also got my hair trimmed on this day and thought it would be good to document that as well.  I don't know about you but I am quite particular about my hair!  I have found the greatest hair stylist!!!!!!  She's been doing my hair for about seven or eight years now and I can honestly say that I always walk out of her salon 110% happy with my hair!  I am trying to grow out my hair a bit and she is getting me through this process. Thanks Ashlie!!!! 

Enough about my hair... :)

Lovin' the design G pages...once again used in this layout.  I am running low so I think I will need to place and Amazon order soon!  I also used some of those great tags from Elle's Studio.  The journaling cards on this page are from a free printable I found on Pinterest from Miss Tiina.  I'm glad I can print more of those and that I can find white paper cheap!  I'm not always happy with my hand writing so I sometimes go through a few journaling cards before I am satisfied with the final card. 

Here's the backside of that page.  That's our kitty...her name is Emma.  I think that was the first picture I took with my new camera.  She was playing with the lens cap!  She's 10 years old and such a lovable cat!  I got her a few days before my husband and I got married!  I was coming home from work one morning and had to stop at someones house to pick up something.  They had kittens and of course I fell in love.  Even though we lived in an apartment at the time I thought I shouldn't be bringing one home but I did anyway!  Our landlord was fine with it...yeah!  She was our only 'kid' for five years until our son came along and I think it has taken nearly five years for her to warm up to Ben!  She will sometimes sleep by him when he goes to bed, but it doesn't last long.  There he is all snuggled up in his bed with all the extra blankets on him and his stuffed animals!  He likes the blankets up to his chin just like his father!

And the last page of my layout.  Another tag from Elle's Studio used here.  I love to see my son & husband looking at our scrapbooks...this one happens to be last years Project Life!  And I love that picture of the plant.  I took a picture of it with my little Kodak camera and compared it to the one taken with my new Canon dslr...wow, what a difference!  I love it!  I think later today I will get the extra lens out that came with my camera and play around with it taking some outdoor pictures.

So my pages are pretty simple, nothing too spectacular.  I love to see what other people's pages are looking like to get some new ideas.  One blog I love to follow to get some great inspiration is Mish Mash.  I love how she uses the instagram photos and the journaling pockets for pictures as well.  I'm not an iphone user but I have considered purchasing one for the instagram app alone!  I will stick with my Android X2.  I'm considering an Instax Mini camera.  I've seen many using this on some of the great blogs I've been following.
Last night after I completed these pages I was working on my son's PL album.  I am pretty much caught up on that as far as picture placement goes.  I just have to go back and do all of the journaling but that won't take long to do.  It will be fun to add all the little extras to it and I hope to start sharing those pages in the near future.  I want to get the design F pages to use for all the little Valentine's my son got at school...I think they would fit in those pockets perfectly.  I love the idea of putting lots of pictures in those pockets as well.  Becky Higgin's blog post was great yesterday.  I love the Feedback Friday (& Monday) posts!  One of the questions addressed how many albums the creative team is doing.  I am beginning to think doing two albums is a bit much!  Last year both our family album and my son's were divided into two albums each so imagine how many albums I will have over the years!  I am thinking about only doing one album next year.  Wondering what others do???

Going to a scrapbooking retreat in April with a group of ladies, (a biannual even!!) so I will be able to get lots done there.  I actually have to finish up a traditional 12x12 album that's from a few years back...the one I was working on for my son when I started using Project Life.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the great pages this week that are linking up over at The Mom Creative and One Happy Mama!

Have a great week :)