Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm excited to share!

I wish I was sharing my most recent Project Life pages but I am a little behind.  My photos are in place...I just need to get my journaling done and add some little extras. 

I'm going to share a few pages from the beginning of January.  I'm not doing the picture-a-day approach this year and I guess not even a weekly approach.  I could say I'm taking the monthly approach!!!  Some days I don't take any pictures then the next day I might have two, five or even 10 pictures!  I feel a bit more relaxed doing it this way.

Here's the double page layout.  I do have one insert in the layout...a design G page.  Here's the left page.

I added a few extras from Elle's Studio.  I love their products!  The Tuesday card in one of the 3x4 slots was a free printable from Cathy Zielsk'es blog.  There was a link for these day of the week cards in Becky Higgins's blog a few weeks back.  They're great!  I made a whole bunch of them right away to use randomly throughout my family album and my son's.

On to the right side.  First, the insert page.  The front...

I am liking this new design.  I got use to taking mainly horizontal pictures last year and now I am getting back to taking both horizontal and vertical pics.  My son likes to line up cars!  He was playing one evening while I was getting supper ready!  And here's the backside of the insert page...

This is the right page...

I didn't add much to this page.  We went to a movie during this week so I added the tickets.  I used some of the cardstock from the Amber edition and cut it to 4x6 then stapled the tickets on.  I am also using the Bic Mark-it pens this year...liking those to add a little color to my journaling.

And here's how I store my core kit contents.

 It's just one of those little skinny baskets you can get at most stores.  It's easy for me to put away in one of my desk drawers when I need to clean up, however most of the time my scrapbooking stuff stays out.  I try to work on my pages a little here and a little there when I can.  I do have a small area in our house I am able to use for scrapbooking.  It's nothing spectacular but it works.  My computer is in this room, too.  When we bought our house the gentleman asked me if I wanted the desk since he didn't have a need for it.  I was so glad I kept it because it has worked great for me.  I have a little bit of storage in the drawers then I purchased some plastic drawers, not sure what they're really called!  They work great for extra storage.  I recently just started using this fold up table as well.  It's great for extra space!  I sure can make a mess when I'm scrapbooking!!!!  Tools and paper everywhere!!!

And here's one last layout.  I still like to add some traditional scrapbooking pages to my Project Life layouts.  This one happens to be a kit I purchased at one of my favorite scrapbook stores called Down Memory Lane.  They have so many great kits. 

So, I'm off to work on some Project Life pages.  Enjoy your Valentine's Day!  I made these Oreo Lollipops for my son to take to school today.  They turned out great...thanks Pinterest!  I packaged them individually and added my son's Valentine he wrote out for each classmate with ribbon.

Have a great week!


  1. I love the picture of the pens! That rainbow of color is so invigorating! No big deal that you are a little behind on PL. It'll be easy enough to catch up, if you decide to try and do that. But really it's easy enough to just keep going at your own pace. I look forward to seeing more pages as you get them done!

    1. Thank you Camilla! That is the great thing about PL...it doesn't take long to get caught up! I have all of the journaling to catch up on in my son's PL album and that goes back to last April! I can usually get a big chunk of it done in a sitting.
      I hope to post more pages soon! Thanks for reading!

  2. Love your splashes of color throughout your pages & love that picture of your son w/the cars all around him.

    Have a great week!


  3. Thank you! That picture of my son with the cars all around him was an inspiration from Pinterest...so many great ideas found there! Thanks for reading!!!!