Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm Still Here!!!

So it has been a while since I have posted...last time was Leap Day...when we had a big snow storm come through!!!  This is where I am going to pick up from with my PL pages.  I often work on Tuesdays...12 hour shifts so I hadn't been doing a whole lot of scrapbooking.  I also have been busy with my research class...4 more weeks and that class will be completed...yeah!!!!! 
I am so EXCITED to be getting ready for a scrapbooking retreat later this week!!!!  Four days of scrapbooking coming my way at White's Wildwood Retreat.  This place is fabulous!!!  I hope to work a little bit on my PL albums but my goal is to complete one of my son's albums from a few years ago.  It was the album I was working on when I discovered this wonderful way of scrapbooking by Becky Higgins.  So I have a few months worth of traditional scrapbooking to complete.  I hope to share some of those pages with you as well.  I do like to incorporate some traditional pages into my PL once in a while.

Here it goes...these pages go from February 29-March 17, 2012.

This is a Design g page...Leap Day.  We we woke up to LOTS of snow.  No school for the kiddos!!!  Hubby was up early to clean the driveways.  I had some neat snowflake paper to use as the background on some of the inserts.

This is the back side of the Design G page...I really like that design.  My snowflake paper worked well with my 4x6 journaling card from Elle's Studio.

I like how this page turned out!  I saw on a blog (forgot which one) how a larger picture was cut  to fit in a few slots so I thought I would give it a try. 

I love the 4x6 pic of my son on the right page showing me his cute smiles!!!  I took two pics and made a collage in Picasa to turn it into one 4x6.  I thought I would give Picasa a try since it is something I could download for free.  I have been thinking about purchasing Photoshop Elements as well.  Can anybody give me some advice about PSE???  Is it worth purchasing or will Picasa do just as much for me???

So the snow didn't get to stick around for long!  Spring was wanting to arrive early this year!  This is our family PL album and I also do one for our son...sometimes I feel like this family album gets to be so much of our son...but then again he is our only child and I do more of the 'every day life' kind of pics in the family album.  In this layout I love the picture on the left page, bottom left corner, where I made sure to include the clock and the window to show how light it still was at 7pm on that particular day.  Love Daylight Savings time!!!!  And my hubby thought it was weird that I was taking a picture of myself cutting his hair!!!!  Every day life!

These next few pages are about our trip to Mall of America.  Our son's birthday is coming up so we thought we would take him to MOA to check out the Sea Life Aquarium and maybe some rides...and of course Archivers for me!!!!!  I included some receipts, brochure, wrist bands and so on from this trip.  I purchased some washi tape at Archivers...yeah!  I'm getting on the washi tape bandwagon...I hope to find more to add to my collection!!!!

So there it is!  A few weeks worth of PL pages.  I'm going to link up at The Mom Creative and One Happy Mama.  Can't wait to see what everyone else has been doing with their PL pages!!!!