Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to the Blog!

It's time to get back to sharing some Project Life pages!  I meant to share at least a few times this summer but it just never happened...and now here we are, the first day of school!  Today has been a productive day so far!  I don't have to work until the weekend so I am hoping to get lots done this week!!!!  Here it goes...

I am about a month behind but that's ok...I will get caught up!  This year my PL album is split again into two...the first album being January through July.  I think there might be a few too many pages in there but I'm going to make it work! 

I am so excited for the new PL products to become available!  Can not wait to get my hands on the mini kit...my favorite is the Bridgeport Edition.  I have a son so I think this will be perfect for him!  I am planning to use the Olive Edition for our family book and the Seafoam Edition in addition to the childhood kit for my son's book.  And I think I will be putting some PL binders on my Christmas list this year!

So here are a few layouts I was working on this summer.  I like using tags here and there from Elle's Studio and I'm also addicted to 6x6 paper pads from various designers to add a little something different to my pages.  I also ventured to something new...some digital scrapbooking!  I'll point that out along the way.

 Design C comes in handy when I have a lot of a similar subject. I've also tried to come up with other ways to fill in spaces.

 In these next few pages are pictures from a brewery trip we took this summer.  I'm always looking for special little items to keep as mementos of trips we've taken.  We kept the wrist bands that allowed us to sample some of the beer at the brewery.  I also got a pamphlet and a postcard to add.  And receipts from where we ate. 

The next few layouts are from a camping trip we took this summer.  I had some fun making those pages!

I had some fun using the Pic Monkey website to add the text 'Fun with Sparkler.'  I suppose you can also add text with Photoshop Elements...which I purchased this summer but I haven't done much with it yet...trying to learn it yet!  I'm taking advantage of Cathy Zielske's website as she has tutorials on there to help me learn PSE!  The page on the right is the beginning of a 'week in review' I did.  This is where I have a 4x6 Week in Review card that I purchased from Designer Digitals.  It's a Cathy Zielske product.

 I love the Design J pages.  I'm using my phone more and more to take pictures...I love Instagram photos!!!!  And here's that Week in Review card I was talking about.

 I also purchased some Ali Edwards products from Two Peas.  I love the 3x4 journaling cards.

And here's my little man!  First day of 1st grade!!!!!  It was a very warm day today...a bit cool this morning though.  I'm wanting to get rid of my flower baskets but they still look good.  I got this gorgeous mum and wooden pumpkin over the weekend.  I love autumn...our favorite season around here!!!!  The leaves are falling way too fast though.

Can't wait to check out all of the Project Life inspiration tonight!!!!!!

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